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The 11 best and most innovative new gadgets and devices in 2023

Updated: May 15

New gadgets, gizmos and devices are constantly appearing on the market, all promising to make our lives easier, more enjoyable or simply more hassle-free. Manufacturers are increasingly taking advantage of cutting-edge technology trends, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), to create gadgets that are smarter and integrate more easily into our lives.

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While many of them may simply serve as entertainment that quickly wind up in a drawer or cabinet and rarely see the light of day, every now and then one comes along that can really make a positive impact on our lives.

So I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the most useful or intriguing devices that have recently appeared on my radar, including some upcoming gadgets that are expected to make their mark in the coming year. Some of them might be fun toys, some will be really useful, and some might even save your life!

Meta has achieved success with its Quest 2 virtual reality (VR) glasses, enabling it to introduce nearly 15 million of us to its version of the metaverse. Of course, we always knew this was just the beginning, and we'll soon see the introduction of two new headsets that will enable an even more immersive and interactive virtual experience.

Meta Quest 3 will be the next iteration of the current line of consumer-oriented headsets, likely to be sold at a subsidized price to attract more users to the ecosystem. The headset is expected to be an evolution, not a revolution, of the current Quest, lacking technology such as eye tracking, which is expected to be present in the next generation of high-end headsets. The Quest Pro, on the other hand, is designed for productive use by professionals who want to engage in building virtual worlds that will create a metaverse.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has been making consumer smart watches for several years, but a new model has been introduced in late 2022 to compete with high-end sports and luxury models recently introduced by competitors such as Garmin and Tag Heuer. The Apple Watch Ultra is encased in a titanium case, making it more rugged and durable than any previous Apple watch. It also has a brighter, scratch-resistant screen, a powerful proprietary S8 processor and a battery that lasts nearly twice as long between charges. New sensors include a depth gauge and water temperature sensors, both designed for divers.

Withings U-Scan

Did you know that your urine contains more than 3,000 metabolites that can be used to create an in-depth picture of our health, providing early warnings of many conditions, as well as recommendations for diet and exercise? Withings, a manufacturer of smart devices, has created the U-Scan. This device is advertised as "the first connected hands-free urine lab in the home" and sits in the toilet bowl, ready to take samples every time it is used. An optional "For Professionals" cassette enables advanced data collection and analysis that can be used by physicians for long-term monitoring of daily changes in patients' health, as well as for collecting data for clinical trials.

Lifeaz home defibrillator

While it's nice that devices like Apple and Pixel Watches are starting to include sensors for conditions like arterial fibrillation, which can be a predictor of heart problems, they can't do anything about it yet. That's why it's good to see other manufacturers working on devices that can be used to directly intervene in medical emergencies. The Lifeaz home defibrillator is the first-ever defibrillator designed to be kept in private homes, which was unveiled at this year's CES. Essentially, it allows us to put the power to pull someone out of what would otherwise be a fatal cardiac arrest, into our own homes. Although still awaiting FDA approval in the US, it has reportedly already been installed in more than 100,000 European homes, where it has been used to save 17 lives.

Ring Always Home Drone Camera

The latest addition to Ring's suite of smart home security devices is an autonomous drone designed to patrol your property, allowing you to see places that static security cameras simply can't reach. First unveiled in 2020, the Always Home drone camera was finally shown in prototype form at this year's CES. While there is still no concrete information on when it will be available, reports suggest that it will cost around $250, which seems quite affordable for such a high-tech home security gadget. In addition to potentially warning of intruders, it could also be useful for forgetful homeowners who want to check whether they've left the stove on or windows open.

Airxom mask

This is a "smart mask" that was first unveiled a few years ago, when there was an influx of technological innovation to address the problems caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Several iterations later, the Airxom mask is now credited with providing protection against viruses, bacteria and atmospheric contaminants thanks to polyethylene terephthalate filters that capture particles inside mesh textile fabrics while deactivating them and rendering them inert through exposure to antiseptic and antibiotic copper, as well as ultraviolet light rays projected onto a photocatalytic silver surface. This process neutralizes the dangers posed by organic and inorganic contaminants that pass through the mask.

Sonic toothbrush

Everyone knows that we should spend two minutes brushing our teeth, right? Well, not anymore! SonicBrush is marketed as the world's first fully automatic toothbrush - meaning you don't even have to move it around your mouth to get the perfect clean. Because it cleans all the teeth in your mouth at the same time, manufacturers claim it can cut the time we need to brush our teeth from two minutes to just 30 seconds! This means we can enjoy a precious minute and a 30-second nap in bed both in the morning and in the evening. SonicBrush is another innovative gadget unveiled for the first time at this year's CES.

DJI Avata

Many of us have discovered the fun and stunning photo and video opportunities offered by drones in recent years. The latest offering from the leader in consumer drone technology, DJI, is aimed at those who want to experience the thrill of flying from a first-person perspective. The DJI Avata is designed to provide a fully immersive flying experience with a wide-field headset that truly gives the feeling of fast flight from a drone in the air to a user on the ground. The motion controller mimics the touch of a joystick for intuitive handheld control, and the rugged design helps minimize damage from accidentally crashing the drone.

GoCycle G4

Electric bicycles provide a convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel around cities, but until now have often suffered from a lack of mobility. GoCycle's G4, however, is one of the first of a new wave of fully collapsible electric bicycles that can be converted into an easier-to-use form that can be easily taken on public transportation or even packed into a car for vacations or longer trips. The G4 doesn't come cheap, but because it has the power, portability and performance necessary to become a major mode of transportation (especially for those who live in urban areas), it can be a reasonable investment.

Timekettle translation headphones

Timekettle has created what it says is the world's most powerful and sophisticated range of in-ear headphones for real-time, AI-powered translation. The WT2, M3 and WT2 Plus in-ear headphones, available in a wide range of models for professional, casual and travel users, enable translation in a variety of situations, from business meetings, short conversations on the go and phone calls. This means you can speak naturally and simply translate the headphones as you speak. Higher-end models allow up to six people to speak simultaneously in 40 different languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese.

GE Profile Smart Mixer

A high-tech kitchen helper, the GE Smart Mixer automatically weighs out the right amounts of ingredients with its built-in scale and explains recipes to users with step-by-step instructions. Sensors detect the texture and consistency of mixtures to allow the device to offer real-time suggestions when preparing snacks and meals. It also integrates with Google and Amazon Echo devices, meaning it can be fully voice-controlled.

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