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Artificial intelligence for the masses is a hit. One million Chat GPT users in 5 days

Updated: May 15

The advanced algorithm, which has been made widely available, is enjoying great success. An application that allows chatting with artificial intelligence has surprised the world with its capabilities. Elon Musk had his fingers in it.

The capabilities of Chat GPT for experts are not surprising, but for most, however, what the AI can do is hugely impressive. Although many people who decided to test the capabilities of Chat GPT for free used the technology similarly to intelligent assistants like Siri or Alexa, in practice the algorithm can do much more than tell a joke or answer simple questions based on information available on the web.

The GPT chat, at the user's request, can write a fable, a story, or even a paper for a student on a given topic. The capabilities and results of what the OpenAI researchers have achieved are astounding. The GPT chat can carry on a conversation with a human in a way that makes it almost impossible to discover that we are dealing with an artificial intelligence. At the user's command, it is even able to write simple program code.

OpenAI is a company created by Sam Altman and Elon Musk (the latter is no longer with the company). It is also the creator of the popular Dalle-E 2 image generator, which has also become a hitel of the web. Altman, a well-known U.S. entrepreneur and programmer and former CEO of Y Combinator, this time on November 30 made the chatbot created by OpenAI available to all interested parties. Since then, Chat GPT has been taking the Internet by storm.

The algorithm not only unerringly understands what we write to it, and not only in English (it also knows Polish), but has the "knowledge" that the Internet resources, and at the same time is able to convey it in a very accessible way (it has been trained on huge amounts of conversational text, so it is able to communicate in a way that is natural to humans, not like a machine). Its potential has opened many unbelievers' eyes as to the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the revolution it brings. It's not hard to imagine Chat GPT being able to replace a lawyer, journalist, therapist, or crank out a scientific paper.


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